So it’s been a week of surviving my home busting at the seams, now that the boys are back in town, and sharing the the same roof for the first time in about 5 years. Ah, togetherMESS.

I must have the happiest kids on earth

I must have the happiest kids on earth

No that was not a type-o, and I mean it. Singularly, those boys can be a bit messy, but together, they bring their disasters to a whole new level! I’m talking from:

Level 1=10 Second Tidy, to a

Level 10=House looks like a bomb went off in it!

Guess which level we’ve been on for the past week?

Probably because I had that impeding crazed look in my eyes, friends over the past few days have reached out, in an attempt to intervene the insanity beginning to set in, and advised me to just make sure the kids clean up after themselves.

It’s a great idea, in theory, but reality is a different story. Seriously. For starters, I hate nagging, and really feel like they are two grown a$$ young men, so they shouldn’t need to be asked to simply clean up after themselves and pitch in and help where needed. Then there’s the “time” issue. You see, my kids and I are on our on individual time continuum. While I’m on “real time” they are on, “gawd-only-knows-what” time.

For example, If I ask them to go unload the dishwasher in the next 5 minutes, I might as well be talking to the wall. Five minutes will pass, ten minutes, and so on, and they will have still not done a single thing. When I return to ask why they haven’t done a particular chore, they always respond, “But you said to do it in 5 minutes.” And I usually respond, “That’s right, and that was 30 minutes ago.” Then, as if on cue, they look at me like I’ve lost my marbles! OMG, I guess it totally IS my fault, I didn’t designate the particular set of 5 minutes in their lifetime for which they need to get off their butts and go take care of said task. UGH!

I know what you are thinking, tell them to be done by certain time. Yep, well…that doesn’t work either. When I call them on the carpet, they feign they didn’t realize it’s three hours past that time already.

Yes, it’s true it is easier just to do it myself, but it just makes me so frickin’ mad. I am positive I am the only mom on earth that has this issue. (II know I’m not, but it sure feels like it).

I was at my wits end and seriously, was moments away from losing my $#!+, when my oldest saved his own life and decided to take his visiting girlfriend to Tahoe for a couple of days.

Not gonna lie, I miss having him (and her) around, but I do not miss constantly picking up after everyone. Yes, I realize I am bitchin’-a-bit. It’s true. And fortunately, my youngest was too busy working and going to school to make matters worse, the past couple of days…so I guess he saved his own behind as well!

Ah…a little relief my Dynamo Disaster Duo. Sanity beginning to restore. Which is a very good thing, because after one week in, I was down to only two options left. #1 Kick their butts out of the house or #2 Just start throwing the crap they lay around the house away.

And I really didn’t want to do that, because,

#1 I actually love my kids and really don’t want to have to go visit them while they live on the streets


#2 Most of the crap they lay around, happens to belong to me!

Damn kids! Good thing I love them so much.

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