Freaking Out over my Frickin’ Fitness

I realized today that I may be a fitness freak. I know, I know, you wouldn’t know that by just looking at me, but it is true. This hardcore reality slapped me in the face today. You see, during my morning workout (today was intervals on my cycle), I found myself huffing and puffing, and finding it hard to breathe. But it wasn’t due to the workout. It WAS due to the fact that my beloved Fitbit was not calculating my steps. WTF?????

I was hyperventilating with anger and anxiety!  You see, even if I get up in the middle of the night to pee, I will still grab my Fitbit and take it with me, (just to be sure, because every step counts)!  In fact, I actually started sleeping with it, just in case I begin to take up sleepwalking. What?  Don’t judge me, I just wanna be prepared. Last week I was underwater cave exploring in the Riviera Maya. Well, we all know that Fitbits are not waterproof, but I waterproofed mine anyway by securing it in three enclosed plastic baggies with the zipper locks. And it worked!  Got those “steps” counted too. HA!

So imagine how enraged I was, when I was 20 minutes into my workout today, just to find not a step was calculated?  *insert favorite curse word here* Not a happy camper. So I sought out solace amongst some of my favorite FB friends.

In attempt to comfort me in my angst, my friend E.W. admitted, “I drink my beer exclusively left-handed now. Fitbit thinks I’m walking! It’s a win-win!”  That made me smile a bit, then my friend Debbie claimed, “ I’m wondering if mine went so high it started over? I just finished my workout and it’s @ 241. WTH!!!!”

Whew!  I wasn’t alone. There were actually people out there who had been through this same agony, this same torture, and they understood the grief I felt at the loss of those precious steps not counted. *heavy sigh*

Then Jarrod pops in with a comment that I just could NOT believe, “If you are tired and your legs hurt you walked a lot and it is healthy if your legs don’t hurt get off your butt and walk more. Boom! And that method is free.”  Poor, poor soul—he just doesn’t get it.

So I’ve moped around all day, saddened by the incident. But then I got an idea—so I’m back on the Happy Train again, and you could say I think I’ll be back on track with my Fitbit Steps before dusk.  You see, I have this Golden Retriever who likes to run, a lot!  So my thought is, I’ll tie my Fitbit around her collar and throw a ball or a stick or whatever for her to go chase, while I kick back, sip a glass of wine and call it a day.

Who says you can’t get fit while sitting on your butt?  My Fitbit says I am!

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  • Too funny Miss OMG! I love the obsession with your Fitbit – I have one that never really worked so gave up on it. Maybe you can rub some of that enthusiasm for working out onto me! ~ Lisa

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