Bite by Bite in Sacramento with Chef Joe Thompson: Avocado Tequila Soup

It’s summertime in Northern California, and with that means hot weather that makes you crave cold, icy drinks. So what goes best with a summer cocktail in Cali?  Mexican food, of course!

This week Chef Joe Thompson returns to teach us about a great recipe of his that will have your tastebuds screaming, “Ole!” Let’s get started:

Maria Shriver and Chef Joe Thompson

Maria Shriver and Chef Joe Thompson

MG: Hey Chef Joe, welcome back!  I understand this week you’re teaching us how to make your “famous” Avocado Tequila Soup.  That sounds like an interesting combination, but when you think about it, I gotta say, it can’t get much better than that. Who doesn’t love avocados, tequila and soup, right?  So tell us, how in the world did you come up with this recipe?

JT: I was sitting around with friends, chips, guac (which is the official Californian nickname for “guacamole”) and Margaritas. It was really warm out and we started talking about summer, trying to feel “cool,” and how we put hot sauce on Watermelon.

MG: WHAT?  Hot sauce on watermelon? Only YOU would think of that Chef Joe! Ok, tell us more.

JT: We started playing around and figured those flavors would all go good together. We talked about “heat” of chilies and decided we could each make a personal batch as “spicy” as we wanted and get the watermelon and avocado to “cool” it down.

MG: THIS is why you are a culinary genius! But what’s the story behind the watermelon bowls?

JT: Not a fan of doing dishes! (*He laughs loudly*) Also, like to be a little showy and use a “vessel” a little different than most people are used to seeing.

Photo courtesy of Crsip Catering

Avocado Tequila Soup                         Photo courtesy of Crisp Catering

MG: You won’t hear me complaining, however, believe it or not, some people are not fans of tequila. Can you use other alcohol besides tequila?

JT: What is great about this recipe is that it is all to “taste,” so add more, less, different. Rum would be good (Spiced Rum).

MG: What about non-drinkers?

JT: (You can just) leave out the alcohol. 

MG: Chef Joe, I know you have a video on this recipe. Where can we go to find it?

JT: Here’s my video:

MG: Fantastico!  Would you be willing to part with the recipe?

JT: Absolutely! You can find this recipe here on my site:

MG: Thank you so much!  One last thing, when I make this for my friends, what do you suggest I serve with it that’s simple?

JT: Chips and Salsa, (of course)!

MG: Muy bueno Chef Joe! Thank you again for the recipe, we look forward to you return here soon on DayTripper Magazine.


If you have a party or event coming up soon, be sure to contact Chef Joe at Crisp Catering.

(They are booking up fast for the winter holidays, ALREADY, so drop him a line today)!

Contact Chef Joe at:

Contact Chef Joe at:

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