MOM MODE: Your Babies are ALWAYS your Babies

My heart weighs heavy today. I’m in “Mom Mode” yet neither of my kiddos are even under my roof right now.

Our oldest, Eric, is scouring the great Pacific Northwest in hopes of settling there. UGH!!! This kid is causing me to be sleepless while he’s in Seattle.

Our youngest, Ryan, is off “living in the moment” in Europe. Now this would not bother me so much, but he’s now sick. There is NOTHING more helpless feeling than knowing your child is sick and you canNOT get to him to help take care of him.  

Yes, I’ve video chatted with him and I even looked at his tonsils through our phones (thank goodness for modern technology). WHAT?  I’m a mom, of course I did that…you would too, so don’t judge me! He looks like hell and I know he feels like it too.  Nothing worse than being in one of the most amazing places on earth (VENICE, my favorite) and stuck in bed…(alone). 😉 AYE!

While I’ve showered him thoroughly with what I call “motherly advice” (and what he references as “nagging”), I’m now worried sick, because he refuses to get off his butt and go to the doctor. I mean, he’s in a country, where he can be seen for FREE, and he definitely needs to be, but he won’t.

I know, as a mom, we need to let our children fail on their own, so that they can live and learn, but this is NOT one of those moments I feel okay with letting slide under the radar.  HE’S MY BABY! Albeit, he’s my 21 year old baby, but I want  my baby to be healthy. Can you blame me?

So, just a word to all you parents of young children out there…you know how you worry about them day in and day out?  Well, get used to it, because it never stops. 

Now on that note, anyone know where I can get a cheap flight to Venice so I can go take care of my son?

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