Bite by Bite in Sacramento with Chef Joe Thompson: Stonefruit & Corn Salad

Back by popular demand, Chef Joe is here this week and he’s bringing us his amazing Stonefruit & Corn Salad!

So Chef Joe, what the scoop on this Background story on this recipe? 

“I have always been a fan of grilling items. The “smoke” and “char” are something that really gets my taste buds going.  Years ago, I was doing a cooking demo at the State Fair and grilled a whole meal: apps, salad, entrée, sides, AND DESSERT. I used corn as a side and grilled peaches for a version of “shortcake.”  

Absolutely incredible!  So what was the inspiration?

“We were working in the kitchen one day with grilled corn and I also had cut up some stonefruit (plums, peaches, nectarines). Our Chef at the time (the late Jerrad McConnell) and I started talking about salads and how green salads were such a waste.  The only good flavors came from the dressing.  We decided to try and make a salad with very little or no dressing and started with what we were working on.  Corn and stonefruit, who knew?? The recipe evolved over about 15 minutes.”

Stonefruit & Corn Salad

Stonefruit & Corn Salad

I love the idea of the stonefruit. What kinds of peaches, plums, necartines are best?

“The type of recipes and food we do allows for very open to ones likes and dislikes.  I say ‘go to the farmers markets’ and get what you like. It is ok if the fruit is still a little ‘hard.’ it will hold up better.

Also, make sure the fruit doesn’t stick to the grill and DON’T cook the fruit.  You are just trying to release some of the natural sugar.

Ok, good suggestion. What kind of corn would you recommend?

“Find the sweetest corn you can find, and use that.”

Can you use other nuts?

“Use whatever you like, I have one friend that puts wasabi almonds in his because he likes the heat.  We want people to not be afraid to ‘play’ with the recipes a little.”

If people have allergies to nuts, what else could they do?

“Leave them out, the nuts are really a good texture change.”

This salad sound fantastic, I look forward to making it right away. What would be good to serve with this salad?

“This is a perfect side dish to Pork or a Mild Fish.”

Perfect!  Thanks for being with us this week and sharing the recipe for this incredible summer salad Chef Joe!

For the recipe, click here: 


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