Having your Dessert and Eating it too in Victoria, BC

Sometimes, you just want dessert. What better place to have it than in Victoria, BC? But in a city with so many culinary delights, it’s hard to decide where to go. But don’t you worry, we did the “dirty work” for you and researched, explored and tasted to find some of Victoria’s most tantalizing treats. You’re welcome! 



No trip would be complete for this journalist without a visit to a favorite local chocolate shop. This trip to Victoria found me checking out the Rogers’ Chocolates establishment, that started in 1885. With over a 130 years experience, they’ve got their chocolates dialed in, and they are devine.  


While couldn’t help but several many, two stood out the most:  First, the Seasalt Caramel with it’s creamy caramel and hint of the ocean…true bliss, for sure! But our best surprise was the Winter Apple chocolate. This ooey gooey, smooth, yet tangy, apple goodness was wrapped up in a chocolate shell from heaven. So if you want to try the unexpected, that’s the one!


Kathryn Kerr, a cheery chocolate clerk, not only bestowed her knowledge of chocolate upon us, but also gave us the heads up on the establishment. Since the store moved to it’s current location on Government Street in 1917, she encouraged us to be in the lookout for a big celebration. She mentioned, “Canada is turning 150 (years old) and we are turning 100.” We agree, that calls for a celebration..of course we also think chocolate should be celebrated EVERYDAY!



Only open for a few weeks now, Chocolat Favoris is taking Victoria by storm, one amazing chocolate-dipped maple soft serve cone at a time!

If you like soft-serve ice cream, this is by far the BEST soft-serve this editor and her sidekick photo journalist (aka: her husband-this trip), have ever had!  While you have several choices of ice cream flavors—hands-down the best is the maple!  (HELLO! When in Canada…right?) And what to dip it in?  The options are countless, but we discovered the Salted Caramel Milk Chocolate paired perfectly with this delightful dessert!

Beaver Talis: The Family Business with Mark and Rachael Mebs

Beaver Talis: The Family Business with Mark and Rachael Mebs


If you like family-owned businesses, and you enjoy gelato, or even want to try a funky pastry called the Beaver Tail, you absolutely must go visit the Mebs’ family at Beaver Tails (602 Broughton St, on the corner of Broughton & Government Streets). This is where you’ll find Mark Mebs, and probably his daughter Rachael, scooping up up some incredibly creative concoctions of gelato!

During our visit, Mark shared with us his latest creation, Blackberry Pie Gelato.  His inspiration was from his favorite local bakery, The Dutch Bakery on nearby Fort St. He was in the bakery recently and decided their Blackberry pie was so tasty, he need to try to make a gelato out of it. So he did!  When he brought some back to the bakery, they couldn’t believe how much this cool treat tasted just like their pie.


The Blackberry Pie Gelato, of course!  But also, the lemon gelato tasted like fresh-squeezed lemons, so that’s a close second!


DSC_0103Like many establishments in Victoria, Mark says he uses, “local ingredients whenever possible.” He also likes that though Beaver Tails is actually a Canadian franchise, (and the pastries remain the same at all the stores), the franchise

encourages creativity with the gelato.  He shared that he created the Left Twix and Right Twix gelatos at his store, and they’ve become such a huge hit, that now other franchise owners are serving his recipe at their stores! All we know is with strong family values and a great product, we highly recommend the Mebs’ Beaver Tails in Victoria, and we look forward to their newest creations on our next visit!

The Famous Murchie's Marie Anotinette cake

The Famous Murchie’s Marie Anotinette cake


Murchie’s is actually an incredible coffee & tea house. Their coffees and teas are some of the best we’ve every had. But they make it on our dessert list for being highly recommended because they also house a huge case full of phenomenal pastries and baked goods. And they are beautiful!

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