Bring on the Wine, it’s Truckee Time!

When one thinks of the Truckee-Tahoe area, usually “fun in the sun” comes to mind. More specifically, that fun involves swishing down snow-covered mountains or boating on the lake. But did you know Truckee also has wine tasting?  

dsc_0556Yes, it is true, so pick up those dropped jaws, and catch this important little nugget: IT’S REALLY GOOD WINE TOO!

Where do you go when you want to “wine” the day away? We recommend the little family-owned Truckee River Winery. This place is basically open 363 days a year (but you’ll need to check their hours before you go)!

DayTripper Magazine was able to catch up with the general manager Katy Jones, whose dad is the winemaker for their reds. (She, just-so-happens, to be the winemaker for their whites).

Wine taster, Sandy Wilson, chats with Katy Jones and others in the fun atmosphere of the Truckee River WInery wineroom

Wine taster, Sandy Wilson, chats with Katy Jones and others in the fun atmosphere of the Truckee River Winery wineroom

So how did this all happen?

In 1989, Katy’s dad, Russ Jones, started the winery. (Katy wasn’t even born yet when he and his wife, Joan, bought their first batch of grapes in 1985). Russ has a degree in Enology and Viticulture from UC Davis. Further, while Katy holds a degree from Gonzaga University in Art History, she’s also currently enrolled in the Winemaker Certificate Program at UC Davis.

Katy shares, “Winemakers are interesting as they have very scientific brains, but they are very artistic.”

So we decided to put this claim to the test and see if that was true. (SPOILER ALERT: It was absolutely spot on truth)!

The winery makes about 2500 cases per year. Yet, with just those cases, they showcase a large variety of wine!

Katy Jones proudly displays her family's wines, that she has been very instrumental in making

Katy Jones proudly displays her family’s wines, that she has been very instrumental in making


2014 Chardonnay-This wine made from Lodi grapes, is made French brandy-style, and it sits in oak for four months, which gives it a lighter oak and butter feel.

2015 Volo-This wine was created for hot days in the Truckee-Tahoe area. It’s perfect to sip while playing on the Bocci ball court there at the winery, or while just chillin’ in the fresh mountain air.

2013 Zinfandel-Also from Lodi grapes, this zin is aged for 18 months in 50/50 American/French oak barrels. This wine will make you want to go sink your teeth into a juicy, spice-rubbed steak!

Last but not least, we must discuss the #1 favorite wine, the 2013 Tempranillo.

As Katy shared with us, “This wine came from a grower who had two tons of grapes. So he came to us and asked, ‘What can you do with these?’ Add he gave them to the winery.”

What they came up with was about 50-60 cases of an amazing wine, that you can’t buy a bottle of anymore, and will never be able to get again, because sadly, that grower passed away.

Wine connoisseur, Sandy Wilson, chimed in, “You must go to this winery to taste this winner, before they run out!” That’s because they are still selling it by the glass, until the last drop has dripped.

Bocci ball courts beg for visitors to come play

Bocci ball courts beg for visitors to come play

So get up there before it IS gone, and when you do, plan to hang around and enjoy the day. Katy adds, “A lot of people buy wine from us and go outside to enjoy their meal.” That’s because they have places to BBQ & picnic, and of course, there’s always Bocci ball! So between all of that and their multitude of programs and events, it’s sure to be a day trip to remember!

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