Gettin’ the Jump on Halloween: Visiting Trampoline Parks, the Healthy & Fun Alternative to Trick o’ Treating

Written by Kristin McCarthy

Generally speaking, Halloween is a blast for most people.  The kids get all dressed up, they run the neighborhood like wild banshees as they shove sugar into their tiny, little bodies. Then they don’t sleep for at least two days.  Wait.  As a mom of four young children I am failing to see the fun in this one.  The truth is I am not Halloween’s biggest fan.  Here in Michigan October is generally beautiful.  The weather is mild, the leaves are brilliant and the kids are back in school, (YES!)  The magic of autumn lasts until October 30th…that is when the winds pick up to hurricane like speeds, sleet and rain falls from the skies and the temperatures are in the 30’s come nightfall.  Halloween night can be a whole lot scarier for parents if the Michigan weather decides to take a nosedive.

Let me offer you a sublittle-girlstitute to the traditional Halloween night, (that works for everyone, despite your Halloween Night climate): enter District 5 Extreme Air Sports Park!  This little gem just opened up in Lansing, Michigan and similar trampoline parks are popping up everywhere.  District 5 offers a number of fun and active activities for kids and adults al
ike starting with 10,000 square feet of connected world-class trampolines.  Michigan resident Karen Shapiro frequents District 5 with her children. “It’s really a lot of fun for all ages, even active or adventurous adults. My seven year old loved swinging and jumping into the pits and my 11 year old gymnast loved showing off her tricks and attempting new stunts.” 

Aside from allowing and encouraging your kids to literally bounce off of the walls, there is also a ninja obstacle course, an air dunk facility, a slack line to shimmy across, and a trapeze exhibit.  
A trapeze!  This is perfect for the circus animals that I am currently trying to raise!

“District 5 Extreme Air Sports is a cutting edge trampoline park and Extreme Air Sport recreation arena! Our facility features thousands of square feet of trampolines, an American Ninja Warrior obstacle course, climbing walls, aerial silks, trampoline dunking, trampoline dodge ball, slack lines, foam pits, and much more! The ultimate place for a party, group event, field trip, slumber party, or epic adventure! Jumpers can burn up to 1000 calories during a rigorous hour or jumping, and will have the time of their lives doing it!” Explains the general manager, Josh Lakenan.district-5

This year District 5 will be celebrating Halloween twice!  October 28th will be their “official” Halloween party.  Kids and adults alike are welcome to come jump, climb and play in full costume.  They will be hosting spooky activities, giveaways and contests so be sure to wear your best costume.  The Thursday Halloween event is the Thursday before Halloween on the 27th from 5 to 9!

“We are going to be playing spooky music, giving out candy, and if you come wearing a costume, you’ll get $3 off your ticket! We will also be giving away free VIP Passes and other treats to the jumpers with the best costumes each hour! We’ll be doing the same on Halloween day from 4PM to 7PM! It’s going to be an amazing time! You can do it all again!”  Says Lakenan.

For those of you who are looking for a fun and safe Halloween activity for your kids I HIGHLY suggest finding one of these indoor trampoline parks.  “The best way to find our trampoline parks is by searching online! All CircusTrix trampoline parks have a great social media and online presence and can be found with a quick Google search,” says Lakenan.  If you live in the colder climate- I can guarantee you will stay dry and warm inside as will you little ones, and they won’t have to spend Halloween bundled up in a snowsuit!  The northern climate mamas know what I am talking about!

Check them out, let your little Batman or tiny fairy truly soar up a storm this Halloween.

Mom Bonus:  After jumping around for a few hours they will actually SLEEP on Halloween night!  The only drawback is you won’t be able to sneak downstairs after bedtime and rifle through the kids’ candy bags!


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