Sending off the Summer Days at the Silver Dollar Speedway

Written by Cathy Fung

During the summer season, the Silver Dollar Speedway in Chico, California, is the place to be. Recently concluding its last race for the 2016 racing season, with the 24th Annual Fall Nationals, this marks the fourth consecutive year that the track honored two-time Silver Dollar Speedway sprint car driving champion, Stephen Allard by naming the race in his honor. 

Photography by Julia Elizabeth

This event is a great transition into the fall. Right around the time Chico takes a break from the heat, this is the beginning transition period into fall weather and cozy clothes. This is worthy sport spectator atmosphere by getting some relief from sitting in the hot sun into the hot summer nights, the beginning of the cool breeze makes watching the races more enjoyable and even more for the drivers who no longer have to sit in a tight small space in 90+ degrees.

The Silver Dollar speedway is about a 10 minute drive from downtown Chico and even closer to the Sierra Nevada Brewery, giving easy access to multiple options for people to get together for a meal before watching the epic race.

During race days the pit gate opens at 2:00 p.m. The front grandstand gate opens at 5:00pm. Both areas guarantee a good view with a relaxing, yet suspenseful atmosphere, especially if you are a race fan. The VIP area by the pit will, with a doubt, allow you to view from a much more up close and personal angle. (You may even get to meet some drivers with the VIP option).

The Fall Nationals, since 2012, has been attributed to notable purposes, honoring of Stephen Allard, a Chico local, and raising awareness about suicide and prevention. Lovleen Allard, the wife of the late Stephen Allard, sells T-shirts sells to support a serious yet not-often-talked-about cause.

“Whatever profits I make from it, I give to the SAVE program, just my way of giving back,” says Lovleen. She continues, “It’s not big and eventually I would like it to get bigger. It’s hard because it’s not spoken of, but if I could help I’m going to try.”

in-actionSAVE is an organization for suicide prevention and awareness. It seeks to provide grief counseling, consulting, and education in regards to the topic at hand. Lovleen notes the Fall Nationals were always one of Stephen’s favorite races, making this a great way for his fans to remember him.

Lovleen reminisces, “He was not only a good driver, he was a kind person. He would help anybody, even if they were not on his team, anyone even those with rivalry…he would be out there helping fix someone’s car, he would help the young drivers, so they can have what they needed.”

Stephen will forever carry that legacy throughout the Fall Nationals, being remembered by his exceptional character.

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To donate to the SAVE campaign, click here.


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