Top 10 Fun Halloween Activities to do with your Toddler

 By Karen Braga

I am talking about throwing a Halloween party the week or a couple of days before the holiday. It can be a very exciting event! It will help children like the holiday a little more and not think of it as just a scary holiday.


Friendly Boo’s and Pumpkins too

Together with your toddler, you can create simple DIY (Do It Yourself) Halloween decorations to put around the house for your party. Here are my top ten fun arts and crafts activities that are simple to do with your toddler. You can choose to use it as decoration or even as a party favor for your guests to take home.

  1. Friendly Boo’s

Material Needed: Black construction paper, White paint, scissors (for you of course), String, Paper plate, Paint brush and a good size working space.

Put some paint on a paper plate and place the black construction paper in front of you. With the paint brush add some white paint onto your toddler’s foot and then guide them to put that foot onto the Black construction paper. Once you lift their foot off you can repeat the steps with the rest of the construction paper you have, leaving foot prints as your ghosts. This next step is optional; you can add eyes and a silly face to your ghost. Once it’s dry, cut the little Boo’s out and tape them to the string. You can then hang them as a garland around the room. If your toddler does not like the feeling of paint on their foot like my niece, you can always do hand prints as well. Just make sure when adding a face or hanging them the fingers face down.

  1. Pumpkins

Material Needed: Orange construction paper, Tape and Halloween stickers.

Pre-cut out pumpkin shapes using the orange construction paper and have your toddler decorate them with the stickers. Once completed you can either tape them onto a string or place them around the table for decoration. Another neat idea is to save this activity for the day of your party and have all children attending do this as an arts and craft activity.

  1. Thank you favors

Material Needed: Brown paper bags, pain (Halloween colors: Orange and Black) or stickers, ribbon and Halloween candy.

This activity is simple but also a great way to personalize thank you gifts for your guests. Together with your toddler decorate the paper bags and if you use paint make sure to let them dry. Once there are all spooktacular, have your toddler fill them half way with Halloween candy. To close the bags use the ribbon you have, but have your little one hold the top of the bag. Remember to get your little one to hand out the favors before your guests leave.

  1. Itsy Bitsy Spider…(to continue article, click here)

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