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Editor’s Note: My life has been full of adventure, so when I celebrated a recent milestone birthday, (for which I made it quite clear that it was NOT a birthday celebration, just a mere “all day hang out” with some of my closest friends), it was clear to me that life is short, and that two things needed to happen: #1 I need to make more time to be with my girlfriends, and #2 Those times need to mean something…not just your average “sitting on the couch drinking wine” events. That is not what I want my life to be about…at least most of the time. So I rounded up some of my closest friends who don’t mind getting a little dirty and trying new things, and thus, the BadAss Adventure Girls club was born.  (Yes, in a nutshell, it’s an excuse to get together with my friends each month. It’s like the Red Hat Ladies of decades past, only we’ve swapped the red hats for skydiving suits, and tea cups have been ditched for exotic sushi and karaoke.  It’s fun, it pushes our comfort zone, and it certainly has us living & experiencing life, instead of existing in a daily mundane routine). Join us monthly as we share our BAG adventures and hope to inspire other to do the same.


Flight training class

Gathering for the first BadAss Adventure Girls meeting, four brave women met at the Indoor Skydiving facility in Roseville, CA. There, these women anticipated an a experience like no other. And that’s exactly what they got.

First, flyers must must go through a “flight training” process, watch a video and go through safety measures, hand signals, etc. Flyer, Sandy Wilson shared, “Watching at first kinda made me want to pee my pants a little.”  But there was no way this adventure girl who has zip-lined, and ridden every crazy roller coaster possible was backing out. “I’m here to just have fun, and this is something I’ve never done.”

Becky Wudell prepares to fly.

Becky Wudell prepares to fly.

Fellow flyer, Becky Wudell echoed her expectations for this night’s outing, “I’m hoping for a new exhilarating experience to do something I’ve never done before.”

Becky Haupt in a "Can't stop grinning" mode!

Becky Haupt in a “Can’t stop grinning” mode!

“Never done before,” was definitely the theme for the evening, and looking for a new excitement. As Becky Haupt explained, “I liked zip-lining, but after that it wasn’t the thrill I was looking for.”

So the night progressed. Each lady took two flights in the simulator, the second flight including the “High Fly” where a guide assists the flyers in reaching the top level of flying in the wind tunnel.


Sandy Wilson takes flight.

When the experience was complete, there were smiles all around, and an extra bond knowing the four had all tried something new together.

All things said, it was only a matter of minutes when the subject of jumping out of a real plane surfaced, and while a couple of the ladies still don’t see a good reason for jumping out of a perfectly good plane, Becky Wudell exclaimed she would. “Yeah! For the thrill. I’m a thrill-seeker. I’d jump out of it naked if I thought it’s contribute to weight loss.”

But these women are not just about the adrenaline rush, they’re ultimately about getting out of their comfort zone, and helping others to do the same. For some, that is as “simple” as singing in public or eating raw fish. So these girls ventured out to karaoke and sushi on their next outing.


Happy Hour drinks are reasonably priced and tasty!

Oishii Sushi was the venue for this adventure girls’ night out.  Greeted and lead to a private karaoke suite, hostess, Nina Bui explained that with karaoke in their establishment, “You can be in a group, have a private conversation and relax by singing and drinking.”


Bev Campbell and Sandy Wilson give Taylor Swift a run for her money.

As Bev Campbell chimes in, “The karaoke at Oishii is a great way to let loose with a close group of friends rather than in front of a large audience. I believe the massive number of songs available at the touch of your fingertips encourages people to try new songs that they may not in a traditional karaoke setting.” She adds, “One of the best features to the sound system is that you get the option of either signing traditional karaoke style or singing along with the music. Even those who aren’t singers will have an amazing time.”

Already reasonably priced, this group stumbled upon reservations occurring during Happy Hour. SCORE!  Not only did we only order off the Happy Hour menu for both food and drinks, we were able to get it all at a discounted price. For our party of five, our total came to $133 more or less, and that included drinks, a huge sushi feast and our suite rental.


Oishii offers a bountiful Happy Hour menu of sushi and tempura.

In all, this adventure girls thing is not about spending a fortune or getting trashed. What it is about is spending time with adventurous friends who want to try new things, seek a few thrills, and maybe create some amazing bad ass stories to tell their grandchildren about…someday!


Warming up and loading songs for the first part of the evening.

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