As fajitas sizzled in the cast iron skillet on their Calistoga car-camping campfire, Suzanne and Shane Pavitt sipped and savored a glass of wine, while day dreaming out loud. It was a beautiful time on their newly purchased property, and its possibilities overflowed with promise.

As with anything she does, Suzanne Phifer Pavitt was revving up for a new passionate pursuit of making the couple’s dreams come true. This project would be most special. This project would be one filled with love of the land, appreciation of the wine its grapes would produce, and would lend itself to become a legacy for their future children.

Together, Suzanne and Shane built not only a homestead, but an incredible & unique winery in Calistoga, CA. From the floating 100 year old walnut bar to the hog fencing chandeliers and the reclaimed Wyoming snow wood that lines the walls, these mindful details come alive as visitors walk through the doors. Even what can’t be seen, like the recycled blue jean insulation in the walls, has been carefully thought out. It didn’t come easy and it didn’t come fast. What began as a conversation during their weekly “Date Night” commitment, became a successful Napa certified green winery that hosts visitors who enjoy the winery’s two flagship varietals, the Date Night Cabernet Sauvignon and the Date Night Sauvignon Blanc.

As Suzanne explains, “In 1999, we developed everything from ground up. I (began to) serve as the general contractor and it took six years for permits.” But they persevered and built the winery, though it took even more years to get the vineyard permit. The couple’s winery farms about…(For full article, click here)


Editor’s Note: Original article published in Sacramento Lifestyles Magazine

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