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Hello fellow Daytrippers!

In case you are wondering, YES, DayTripperMag has been going through some changes!  Since our magazine’s launch, we have experienced great feedback, and we look forward to bringing you more of what we hear you are looking for: travel, food, wine/beer and interesting stories in between!

What we’ve discovered is that many of you like “seasons” so our magazine is working hard to change its format to provide just that for you!

We are resetting to bring you three jumbo publications a year: Spring, Summer, and Fall/Winter…and yes(!) we will still be covering some of your favorite destinations like Lake Tahoe, Mexico, and California…but no worries…we plan to throw in as many other worldly destinations that we can.


We thank you for your loyalty to our new publication, and hope you will continue to “share” us out with all your friends and family!

Michele Giacomini

DayTripperMag.com Editor-in-Chief

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Michele Giacomini

Daytripper Magazine Editor-in-Chief, Michele Giacomini, is a Lifestyles Writer and the author of Looking for B.O.B. (Brightsides of Bull$#!+). She writes about everything chocolate, wine, food, travel and shoes—for everything else, she just makes fun of it. You may follow her here at Daytripper Magazine, or
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/OMGMissOMG/
Twitter @MissOhEmGee
LinkedIn at: Olivia Michele Giacomini

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