10 Top Tips for Exercising While Travelling

Written by Leana Darbyshire

It can be all too easy to switch off from your workout routine when going away on holiday, thinking to yourself you deserve a rest, you’ll start again when you get back. You could be travelling for work reasons and be thinking you’re not going to get time to fit a workout in, you have way too much to do…

I am a mum of two and a personal trainer.  When we go away I still fit in my workouts and I want to share with you my top 10 tips on how to do this.

  1. Planning is super important.  Now I don’t mean plan exactly when and where.  I mean plan to actually exercise whatever it may be. For example, if I am away on holiday.  I can’t be too strict with it as it is a holiday and other things will crop up but the main point here is that I do plan to train while I am away.  My mindset is ready to exercise, no excuses.  I pack my trainers and gym gear and I know that at some point on that holiday I will be working out because I have planned to do it and told myself I will be doing it.  Do you see what I mean?  If I was to say oh, maybe I’ll do something.  I’m not sure whether they have a gym there or not.  I’ll only pack one set of gym clothes because I probably won’t bother anyway.  If I did this,  I am setting myself up with excuses before I have even arrived.   So tip 1 is plan to do your exercise… no excuses.

2.    So you have planned to do your workouts while travelling.  Now pack for it.  Take light weight clothing and a pair of trainers.  If your destination doesn’t have a gym, you can train with bodyweight exercises or a handy piece of equipment is a resistance band as it doesn’t take up any space in your luggage.

3.    I have fit my workouts into caravans, hotel rooms and the outdoors.  The possibilities are endless when you know how.   If there is a gym, easy sorted.  If not, you can either find a small area in your accommodation, enough space to stand up with your arms reached high above your head and when led down you could perform a push up.  This is all you need to do a short HIIT workout.  There is always the other option of taking it outdoors and going for a run.  I like the adventure of going somewhere new.

4.    If you are going away with your family, you could get them involved by playing a game of rounders, football or tennis.  Another way to stay active is to always take the stairs instead of lifts and escalators.

5.     Setting Goals is really important to reach what you want to achieve.  I always ask my clients to set goals then you can remind yourself of why you are going to workout on your holiday.  It’s about your end goal.

6.     If you have set your goals, planned and packed.  You have to put yourself first.  This may mean getting up thirty minutes earlier in a morning to fit your workout in or setting your kids up with a game to play while you do your workout.  Just don’t forget why you want to do your workout and why it is important and put you first.

7.     There are plenty of apps available out there to time your workouts.  These can be really handy for HIIT sessions.  Running apps are good for mapping out your route too.

8.    Do you have a training buddy.  If so stay in touch while you are away.  Keep each motivated to get your training in.  You could even set up a friendly competition, like who runs the most miles while you are away.  There are apps that do this too.

9.    Once you are at your destination and you have unpacked.  Get out your gym gear, don’t leave it tucked away in your suitcase.  Get your kit out the day before this will help setting you up ready to go the next day.

10.  Finally if you try all of the above I’m sure you will fit your exercise routine in.  However if something does get in the way.  Don’t give yourself a hard time over it.  It’s not the end of the world and there is always tomorrow.

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