Cheap Eats in the Riviera Maya

One of the wonderful things about Riviera Maya is the cuisine…and the tab! Visitors, and locals alike, may enjoy dining out and enjoying great meals for far less than what they’d expect. It helps budget travelers stay on budget. However, there are some other best kept secrets that not only keep more pesos on your purse, they may have you wondering why you’d eat anywhere else!

Here’s DayTripper Magazine’s top secret eateries you don’t want to miss:


Just a couple blocks away from pricey 5th Avenue, in Playa del Carmen, stands the best local grub in PDC. It’s where the locals eat. It’s inexpensive, and it’s AMAZING!  At Sandra’s, located at Calle 4 Nte 168, locals, (and smart gringos), pay very little for huge meals of empanadas and so much more.

We recommend trying their variety of this deep-fried ooey gooey dish, and maybe share a platter of street tacos too. For four of us, including sodas, we walked out with full bellies on only about $10USD lighter…total! YES…$10 for lunch for four adults.


Right outside the Puerto Aventuras marina gates is Taco Paco. This restaurant has fabulous fish tacos that will only cause you to fish in your pockets for a few coins to enjoy a great lunch/snack/dinner here.


Located at the front part of the Chedraui Supermarket shopping center in Puerto Aventuras is the best Chinese food around. Huge portions, reminiscent of Panda Express in the US, (only even less expensive, and lightly more tasty), will satisfy your craving for Chinese take-out. At about $4USD for a two entree platter, your wallet will be feeling fuller too! We highly recommend this restaurant for families looking for bargain eats, especially when travelling with teens.

Whether you are travelling with friends, family, or solo, try out these restaurants and use the money you save toward coming back to the Riviera Maya again!






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