Don’t Need to Travel to Texas for this Thunderbird Hard Citrus Brew (Review)

Thunderbird Hard Citrus Brew is in my hands!
It was in August 2016 when I was informed of the new malt beverage being released by the E&J Gallo Winery, and from day one I knew I had to get my hands on it. When I first heard about Thunderbird Hard Citrus Brew, my first thought was Thunder Dew. Did this company take my highly popular bum wine concoction of mixing Thunderbird Wine and Mountain Dew and create their own beverage to capitalize on Thunder Dew’s popularity? I searched and searched and tried to find a way to get my hands on a can of this new beverage, but things were not looking good. All signs pointed to it being a limited test release in the southwest USA, so it didn’t look like it would be making it’s way to New Jersey any time soon.


It took almost 7 months, but I finally got my hands on a can of the new dirty bird thanks to @ribbon512 and this wonderful package from the great state of Texas!
Two beautiful cans of Thunderbird Hard Citrus Brew were now in my possession. Do I crack one open and enjoy right way? Do I save it for  (Click HERE for full article).
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