Top 5 Things to Do While Wintering in Sydney

Written by Dan Elson

While it’s summertime in the Northern Hemisphere, for those who love winter why not head over to Australia, in particular Sydney, to experience my top 5 things to do while wintering in this amazing city.


Days are becoming colder and shorter, and believe it or not it does rain in Sydney! Take today,for example, which one wouldn’t consider Sydney weather, much colder than recent days and rainy. So what can you do on a cold, wet winter day in Sydney? Hit up one of the many museums in the CBD!

Today I headed over to Powerhouse – Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences based in Ultimo area of CBD Sydney. I love science and tech making this the first museum of choice for me!

Only $15 bucks gets you all day access, and with the museum open weekdays and weekends from 10am to 5pm you’re given plenty of time to explore the 4 floors! I was told I could go and come back as I pleased which may happen at other museums but it was nice to be told.

With plenty to see and actually do in the hands on exhibitions, and the nostalgia of seeing things I’d not even consider museum noteworthy yet, such as GameBoys (exact one I had when I was younger!), and an Apple Mac my brother had not too long ago!

In addition, the museum tends to put on special exhibitions, recently it was mummies and later in winter starting on Saturday 3rd June its all about Sherlock Holmes!

Well worth a visit if you enjoy science and tech, and especially June onwards if you’re a Sherlock Holmes fan!


Located right next to Darling Harbour, you’re well in for a treat come these winter months in Sydney! Sealife centers are now located all over the world so you may have already visited one like myself, but it’s always a good day out coming face to face with marine animals!

Sydney’s is surprising large once you get in and houses a large collection of sea life such as dugongs, penguins, sharks, rays tropical fish and much more!

Don’t have the time to visit the Barrier Reef? Head into Sealife Aquarium in the comfortable surroundings of Darling Harbour!



Sydney is full of car rentals and for a large city these are surprisingly reasonably priced.

Having access to a car allows you to visit the local naturals parks that is including the ever so amazing Blue Mountains which are only a couple hours drive away. The picturesque images you’d be able to take on a slightly cold winter day in Sydney will look amazing when you’re showing off, I mean, showing your friends on Facebook!

I headed over to the blue mountains at the start of winter, a couple of weeks back and it was an amazing sight to see – just check out the images I was able to take!



Believe or not, Sydney has a very large Asian population, making it the perfect place to eat authentic Asian food! Especially if you are looking to get out of the cold, rainy Sydney winter weather!

In Sydney you will be hard pressed to find what you’d expect such as pies and vegemite and more open to a wide selection of international food, especially from Asian countries and at reasonable prices too (Ramen noodles was the same price I paid in Tokyo!).

You’ve got restaurants and small cafes from all around Asia such as Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, the list goes on! The city is a foodies heaven!

So don’t be tempted by Hungry Jacks, McDonalds or Subway and get yourself some authentic Asian food right in the heart of Sydney!


What a perfect time of the year to complete the amazing, picturesque walk from Bondi Beach to Coogee Beach!

I experienced the walk during the summer months and it involved lots of water and plenty of sweating! Grabbing a sweater, or a light rain coat and you’re good to go! The walk is amazing in terms of the views you will get to experience, and have plenty of time to take those Instagram snaps of the sea crashing against the rocks! Oh, and watch out for those bravo surfers who come rain or shine are out there, doing what you’d imagine from Australian surfers doing (even in winter months!!), hitting up the waves!

Even winter months in Sydney offer up amazing places to see, explore and experience whether its getting out of the cold and rain and hitting up a CBD museum or an aquarium, taking a drive to the amazing Blue Mountains, enjoying amazing food at reasonable prices for such a large city or enjoying a walk full of amazing views! Sydney has plenty to offer in winter months too such as these top 5 things to do while wintering in Sydney!

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