On the Hunt for the Perfect Chardonnay: El Dorado County, California

Lava Cap Reserve Chardonnay 2014 –

El Dorado

By Pamela Baker

An old favorite of mine from years ago, I haven’t tasted this wine in a long time. Generously gifted to me by a dear friend, I truly enjoyed getting reacquainted with Lava Cap.

Enjoy notes of pear and apple aromas in the nose followed by delicious tastes of vanilla and butterscotch. It’s 15% alcohol, which is big for a chardonnay, giving it a slightly incisive and warm finish that lingers on your palate. This wine is full of flavor, with a big mouthfeel. Chew on this one to really taste all of the deliciousness in this wine.

The wine was aged in…(for complete article, click here)

About the Author:

I love chardonnay. I love the old fashioned, oaky, creamy, buttery chardonnay that California was known for years ago. Not so easy to find anymore, but I’m on a quest.

141-Edit-EditMy name is Pam Baker, or “Pammy” as our Australian friends like to call me.  My husband and I are travel writers and live in Sacramento, California. A few years ago, we were in Sydney, Australia sitting in an outdoor café. A glass of wine seemed like the perfect thing to order on a sunny, lazy afternoon. My husband commented to the waitress that I loved chardonnay and she replied that she was a “chardy girl” too. The nickname has stuck ever since.

My goal is to hunt down those chardonnays that will hopefully delight my palate but not cost a small fortune. And, when I do find them, I will post them on my blog and let you know all about them, too!

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