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Teaching in Thailand: 1, 2…no 3 nights in Bangkok

Spent three days in Bangkok last weekend. Wow! This is truly the city that never sleeps and has traffic worse than LA!!

We, another teacher Molly and I, got on the bus in Kalasin on Thursday night at 10 for the 7 hour ride to Bangkok. The ride was uneventful and we woke up at 5:00 a.m. at the Mochit bus station. We stumbled off the bus and into the clutches of a scammer and ended up paying 600 baht for the taxi ride to our hotel. Ugh

We couldn’t check in early because they were booked the night before. Of course this is being told to us as we watch a beautiful Thai girl in a short dress and heels walk off the elevator and saunter out the door. Ooooook! So, we hung out in the business center until about 6:30 when we decided to go try to find coffee and breakfast…Starbucks and Bangkok Bagel…yum!

After that, we got in a taxi to go to the Chinese Embassy. The purpose of the trip was for me to get my China visa for my trip in October. Anyway…the driver dropped us off at what we thought was the Chinese Embassy. Well…we were wrong, so we ended up walking about 2 miles back toward the direction we came from, and after about an hour we found the right place! Oh…by the way, it was about 10 a.m. by now and we had already walked over 8,000 steps according to my FitBit.

At the embassy, I waited about 15 minutes to then be told that I could not get my visa today because my temporary Thai visa expired on Sept. 3rd. So….I have to wait until I get that renewed at the end of August and then make another trip back to Bangkok. And…they won’t mail the passport to me, so I have to find someone to pick it up. Oh…and did I mention that I can only get a multiple entry 10 year visa for $145?! Lol!! I just want to see the Great Wall and the Terracotta Army! :/

Not one to let the small things get me down, I walked out of the building and went shopping!! We found a seven story department store where I bought some sandals and mascara called “Better Than Sex”. Well, it’s not. But, it does work well.

The next couple of days were filled with more shopping, eating American food, riding the BTS (elevated train), people watching, visiting Lumpini Park where we saw some prehistoric looking lizards, and the most amazing foot massage ever for 300 baht (about $8 USD). Bangkok definitely has lots to see and do, but I was glad to get back to my little town at 5:00 a.m. Monday morning. lol Unfortunately, I came back with a cold (probably from being packed into the BTS train with wall to wall people).

Going on another teacher trip Thursday-Saturday, so I am preparing myself for the 15-20 hour bus ride with multiple stops and lots of karaoke. Luckily, we get back on Saturday night so I can recover on Sunday. Then, I have three days of school before my 5 day trip to Chiang Mai!! It may be a few weeks before I post again!

Love to all!!


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Julie Asaro has always been someone who loves adventures and is willing to try most things (at least one time), but her move to Thailand definitely tops the list!! At almost 50 years old, she's getting to do what many people only dream about. Now we can all live vicariously through her tales as she spends a year teaching in Thailand.

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