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When Melanie Braga decided to start her own blog, little did she know the success when would achieve of reaching parents worldwide! Her blog, Momma Braga (, was created as a place to share her personal life and parenting stories. In one short year, the blog as taken off and so has her writing career as a parent extraordinaire!

Recently, I had a chance to interview Melanie, as she is a new special contributor to DayTripper Magazine for family travel tips.  Now we can all know the inside scoop on Momma Braga, and what this family travel blogger revealed:

OMG: Hey Melanie, I know you have this great blog going. First of all, what’s the backstory on it?

MB: “The main reason I created the blog was to help others through my experiences and journey. Since I was a young girl, I have always sincerely wanted to help people and this is why I originally went into social services. But with my lay off in that field and now (working) as a stay-at- home mom, I feel that this was the next best way to help others.”

OMG: Lay-offs stink, there’s no sugar-coating it. It sounds like for you, however, you were able to take that door closing and finding your blog as another door opening.

MB: Absolutely, “Motherhood is a hard job to begin with, so I am hoping through my stories I can help myself and others learn from it.”

Melanie's most important job? Raising her daughter, Nikki, of course!

Melanie’s most important job? Raising her daughter, Nikki, of course!

OMG:  I know your blog is doing well, would you be willing to divulge how well?

MB: “My blog has been (averaging) about 245 visits a day and I have written on a variety of different topics such as: miscarriage, marriage, pets, health (as my husband has a liver disease) and of course on parenting which has good, bad, ugly and funny moments.”

OMG: What do you hope to achieve with your blog—what’s the ultimate goal?

MB: “My readers are from all over the world and have commented that my blogs are raw, honest and emotional stories. A few of the posts have helped and touched others in an inspiring way. This is what I want to achieve and this is the ultimate goal. I want my posts to inspire, comfort, and encourage people to be the best that they can be without any judging.”

Family Dinner is never complete without a photobomb moment by Nikki in between her parents Melanie & Mike.

Family Dinner is never complete without a photobomb moment by Nikki in between her parents Melanie & Mike.

OMG: I understand your blog is being recognized by some “heavy hitter” publications! Tell us about that.

MB: “I am very excited to have my blog picked up by The Baby Spot ( which is an online global baby magazine that reaches thousands throughout the world. Many of my articles are featured here and I am extremely grateful to be a contributor to this growing magazine, I have also been extremely grateful to have a few of my articles published in The Huffington Post. My bio and a link to these articles can be found here,

I provide the honest truth about my parenting and life experiences. Readers can expect that and just a real me. I really put my feelings out there and you really get to know me as a person through my experiences. I feel that we all learn from each other’s experiences and this is why I started to share others’ stories as well. I have also started featuring a “Mom of the Month” and “Dad of the Month”. The purpose of these are to promote businesses by mom and dad’s and also recognizing how great they are.”

OMG: We love that about you too!!! Okay Melanie, so now that you’re an acclaimed parenting expert, give us five quick, UNIQUE parenting tips that everyone should know whether they are a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, friend or stranger!


  1. Never judge a parent.
  2. All kids are different, so embrace each child for the unique person they are.
  3. Laugh often—as it will keep you sane.
  4. Ask for help when needed.
  5. Watch out for small toys and Mega Blocks, they do hurt your feet when stepped on!!! *she laughs*

OMG:  Thank you so much for joining us today Melanie. Before you go, what can we expect to see on your blog in the very near future?

MB: “Every month there will be a new ‘mom of the month’ and ‘dad of the month’ which will be exciting and different each month. I am also doing (an article) on what an average day looks like in my life but this is in three parts as my day changes with the three shift rotation that my husband is on. This post is actually one that my fans have been requested, (can’t let my fans down), so that is in the works.

Summer is coming up so we will be doing a variety of different activities for the very first time with our daughter who will be two so that will be fun to share. The exciting part of having a toddler is the stories that it can inspire. (*she smiles broadly*) For example, my daughter just saw her shadow for the very first time this month and was very concerned with it. She kept calling it “ba” (which means bad). After a lengthy discussion and explanation that it was her shadow, she then said “Nice Kiki” and offered her shadow a hug and her doll. By the way my daughter’s name is Nikki so she calls herself Kiki!”

Melanie embraces her opportunity of being a working stay-at-home mom.

Melanie embraces her opportunity of being a working stay-at-home mom.

I know many of our readers are excited to read Melanie’s blog, so link here to check it out:

Be sure to check out Baby Spot, where Melanie is being featured in a 3-part Series on an Average Day as Momma Braga:

If you have any questions for Melanie Braga, please leave in the comments below!  

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