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Teaching Tales from Thailand: “Kharacters” of Kalasin

It’s hard to believe that I have been living in Thailand for 3 months!! In that time I feel like I have become a part of the great little community of Kalasin. And…I get to interact on a weekly basis with some of the nicest people!! Here are a few…




My apartment building is called Rung Ruang Apartments. Even though my room isn’t very big, I have tried to make it colorful with lots of kid art. There is always someone at the front desk, but they don’t speak much English. 🙂 During the day, they wash and iron tenants’ sheets and clothes (7 baht per piece). In the evening, there is a gentleman who “mans”…haha…the desk and then sleeps on a cot in the lobby just in case a tenant locks them self out (yes, I did that once!) And…there are a couple of security guards who stay outside to guard us 24 hours a day, but…every time I tried to take a picture with them, they weren’t there! haha

Local Uniform Shop–img_2847

Meet First and Fern!!! Although I have never purchased anything from this store, I pass by it a couple of times every day going around town. Here are the smiling faces that I get to see as I hear them shout, “Teacha!!” when I  pass by. These two sweeties are so fun to interact with as they try to communicate in English, with their mother’s help. Sometimes they even give kisses. 🙂








Every week I take my laundry to this wonderful lady (I couldn’t get her to take a picture with me) and I get it back one-two days later for under $3. Sometimes, the rain delays pick up time, but it’s still awesome to have someone else wash, iron and fold my laundry. Now…if I could just find someone to put it away for me, life would be grand! haha





At least one day a week, I go to the Big C (like Walmart) to shop. It’s too far to walk, so I get a tuk-tuk from Supak Hotel for about 60 baht ($1.70) one way. There is a good variety of food and personal items, and I generally pay anywhere from 1500-2000 ($42-$60) baht depending on if I get a bottle of wine.  🙂

For small items during the week, I can walk to my local 7-11 (they are like Starbucks in America…on every corner). I wish they had slurpees. I tried to get a picture with the clerk, but she was too shy!  img_2873



Every Tuesday night (unless it’s raining really hard) I go to the market to get custom made salads for 20 baht each. They also have fish, a variety of meats on a stick, sweets and misc items to buy. Sometimes, there is even live entertainment.


And…we (Molly and I) just discovered a night market that is open every day. This is like the Tuesday night market on steroids! They even have live fish that they take out of a tub and club right in front of your eyes for a super fresh “from water to table” offering. :/                                                           img_3037
They also have a huge variety of rice in bulk. Last week I asked for arborrio rice so I can make risotto, and the lady showed my black rice. I’m not sure if it is arborrio, but I’m going to try it out!



Eating and Drinking–img_2869

Kalasin has lots of little restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops. They LOVE coffee…latte yen (iced latte)! One of my favorite places to go for coffee, smoothies, and phad pak gai (stir fried veggies with chicken) is called Cafe de Supak. Most of the people there speak English and they are SO wonderful. The cafe is always nice and cool and they have a great chair-swing. 🙂


Of course, there is a plethora of crazy bugs both outside and inside! Here are a few of them. Note: the ones that look like they were taken inside, were…in my bathroom!!! lol


Well…those are the people, places and critters in my neighborhood. Stay tuned for my next post about teachers and students!!

Love ya!

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